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If you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle and diet and want weekly support this 1:1 coaching is for you.

What you'll learn

Does this sound like you?

- You have tried almost every diet, with the result that you now label food as 'good and bad'
- Once you've had one 'bad' meal it feels like you've failed and it doesn't matter anymore, it's already ruined anyway
- You want to lose weight so badly, but with all the efforts you've made, it feels like losing weight just isn't for you
- As soon as you have (had a bad day), you notice that you look for comfort in food and you can't stop eating

What if in 3 months you..

- You can lose weight permanently without having to give up your favorite chocolate
- You can enjoy food again without feeling guilty
- Get control over your binge eating and learn where they come from
- Change your mindset 

What you will get: 

- Weekly 1:1 coaching calls of 30 min
- Assignments focused on nutrition & mindset
- Daily support via app

This class is perfect for

People who are ready to take action and finally lose the weight they want without any strict diets and want weekly support
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.weight-loss,fitness-and-wellbeing.nutrition, with Michelle P | Amphy

Meet Michelle Postma,

Your teacher

In the past 2 year I helped over 50 women lose weight, but more importantly change the way they think about themselves. From “I’m not good enough and I will never lose the weight I want”, to “For the first time in my life I feel not guilty whenever I eat chocolate and I’m thankful for my body who carries me every single day”. Mindset is everything. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, if you don’t have the right mindset, you will never be satisfied. Studies: Functional coaching Nutrition Emotional eating In 2022 I am going to do my NLP Practitioner

What to bring

Be ready for change

How to participate

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